“For more than six months, Will drove me to dialysis from Troy to Pontiac. He was never late picking me up. His driving was excellent. We had pleasant conversation, which I enjoyed. I would recommend Worry-Free Transportation to anyone who needs transportation.
– Nancy W.
Troy, MI
To Worry Free Transportation,
I have been very happy with the service that you have offered me and my Daughter Janeaqua Watkins for the past few years. Anytime we have called to change the Schedule, 1 have not had any problems with the company. Your people have always been very professional to me and my Daughter. Gerald is the best driver that 1 have ever had.
Janeaqua has had drivers since she was 9 months old and 1 have not always been happy with them. Gerald Allen began driving her the last two years and 1 have never had a complaint. I don’t worry about her. He is a very hard working Man and a Man of God. This shows in his life and the work he does, and when you have that in a person you know that they love what they do. When working with special people your heart has to be in it. Gerald has never let us see if he was unhappy about anything! He always greets us with a smile. My family has fallen in love with him and the work he has done. And for that he has become a part of my family.
I’m a person that can pick up on a person when they are not happy working with my Handicap Daughter, when I see this 1 get rid of them. 1 do not want my Child mistreated in anyway. I have never seen anyone mistreated with your company! I can never say enough about my driver, he is the what 1 told my son that I wanted him to be like. All Men need to pattern themselves after him, because this is a truly and real man.
Thank you so much for the love and kindness your company shows this family. I’m sure you treat all people the same and that means we feel like we are special!
                                                                       – Janice M. Tipton
Dear Will Owens, CEO:
I am writing to let you know how Adam is doing. When I gave him the get well card you sent, he was surprised and tickled. I had to read it to him over and over before he put it on his dresser. I have seen
him reading It when I walked past his room, and he has even stopped me to read it aloud some more.
He loves animals and the sad-eyed hound on the front Is adorable! Your ‘feel-better blessings, warm and CJJZY wishes, and take-good-care prayers’ have cheered him up each time he read and re-read the card. Thank you for the continued thoughtfulness of Worry Free Transportation and your staff.
Today we went to his foot surgeon and Adam was allowed to wear both shoes for the first time since his surgery last month. He was told the healing has been progressing Quite rapidly and If he stays on
schedule he should be cleared to return to New Horizons as of Tuesday December 7, 2010.
He has been rising early in anticipation of returning to his daily routine, and I am pleased that he Is so comfortable with Worry Free Transportation and New Horizons. As I stated before, in thirty-five years of my son using transport: service he has:
Never been consistently picked up on time.
Never had (consistently) courteous drivers.
Never had a company call to let me know when he would be a little later than usual.
Never had a company with professionalism, work standards and ethics.
I thank you for your respectful treatment of my son and me, and look forward to working with you In future. Will, you guys are the best! If you are unable to accommodate the tentative re-start next
Tuesday, December 7, 2010, please call and let me know.
                 Cynthia R & Adam L Carson
To Whom It May Concern:
On June 24, 2010, while on duty and working in Special Operations for the Detroit Police Departments’ Northwest District, my partner and I were en route to a Police Run for an Armed Robbery in Progress. We were traveling at a high rate of speed, west bound on Plymouth Rd. near Evergreen with our lights and sirens activated, when a large beer distributor semi pulled into our lane and stopped, causing us tohit the trucks’ iron lifter head on. The engine block from our 2000 Ford Crown Victoria ended up in my lap. My pelvis was crushed in three places, my hip was fractured beyond repair, all my ribs on my left side were fractured, my tibia was crushed and I had several facial lacerations. I remained in Grace Hospital for three weeks and returned home for inpatient rehabilitation. Upon a follow up visit with my surgeon, X-rays showed that my hip had re-fractured and re-dislocated. I was admitted to Botsford Hospital the following day for a full hip replacement. I remained at Botsford for another three weeks and then back home for outpatient rehabilitation. My husband had taken so much time off from work that he needed to return, leaving me alone and in need of transportation. My case manager, Officer Murray, advised me that Worry Free Transportation would be taking me to therapy and doctors visits.
From the first phone call I made to Roxanne, Worry Free Transportation made me feel like I was the only patient they had. I was then in a wheelchair, but was able to transfer to a car. Wally, my first driver, was so kind, and took as much time as I needed to get in and out of the car. He made sure I was comfortable and was very sympathetic with my fears of being driven after such a horrific accident. All the drivers at Worry Free Transportation were kind, professional, prompt, and compassionate. Schedule changes were never a problem and I was NEVER late for an appointment. The name says it all. I was truly ”Worry Free” whenever I was in a car, or van with any of their drivers. I graduated from the wheel chair, to a walker, and then to a cane. Through my entire recovery, the Worry Free Family has been my biggest cheerleader. I would like to especially thank, Wally, Tammi, Lisa, Will, and Roxanne. Since my accident, I have not only returned to work (light du1¥), but I have also been promoted to Sergeant in charge of Special Operations at the Tenth Precinct. I would highly recommend Worry Free Transportation for anyone needing assistance. The entire staff is fabulous!
                  – Sergeant, Detroit Police Department